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By Example: A Leadership Podcast with Carly Fiorina

By Example: A Leadership Podcast with Carly Fiorina

Into the Portal: an Elevation eKidz Podcast

Into the Portal: an Elevation eKidz Podcast

School of Sellers

School of Sellers



This is our podcast starter kit. We’ll take care of adding in the pre-produced intro & outro of your podcast, optimize it, and then upload the file for you.


This is an upgrade to our Basic offering. We take edit notes that are provided by the owner/host of the podcast and will edit up to 10 time stamps for content per the notes. We add the pre-produced intro & outro, optimize the audio, and upload it.


This is our Premium offering. It includes everything from Basic+ along with internal editing, which is removing audible pauses and stumbling into answers and filler words such as um, ah, or like. The end product of this type of editing is the highest professional quality. A great option for businesses using their podcast to expand their customer base. We will add the pre-produced intro & outro, optimize it, and upload it.

Comparing the Packages
Basic Basic+ Pro
Unlimited Episode Length
Adding Intro & Outro
File Upload
Audio Optimization (Mastering)
Editing at Timestamps*
Removing Filler Words (ums, ahs, like so)
Full In-depth Internal Editing

* = Timestamp editing limited to 10

Want to get better sounding audio?

We also offer a service of Audio Equipment Design. This is where we assist with setting up hardware, configuring it, troubleshooting, etc. We’ll give you hardware recommendation and give you a set up that’s easy to work with! A bad recording can't be turned into gold in post. Getting the best recording from the start will help us provide the best quality we can.

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