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26 May 2021

THIS Is How You Talk to an Audience

Good content is important; quality, accuracy, relevancy; all important things. 

But the way you talk to your audience and present that information is equally or arguably even more important.

That’s because, truth be told, the content you’re producing and information you’re providing can probably be found elsewhere online. We live in an era where most information is at the fingertips of anyone who can use a search engine. 

So what sets your information and content apart? You do! 

People come for the content but they stay for you! 

While the topic might be what brings people to your podcast initially, it’s what you, personally, bring to the table that’s going to keep them and have them coming back for more.  

People can find information anywhere, but the way you deliver is something that can only be found on your podcast. So setting your podcast apart from other sources of information is key to the success of the podcast as a whole.  

And that’s where your unique form of communication comes in. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through your content. We’re not suggesting that you try to be the next Howard Stern but do let the listener in on your life a little, let them see who you are. Your wit, your empathy, your humor; show them what makes you tick.  

Along that same vein, try not to think of talking to your audience as acting. Instead, think of it like you’re talking to a friend. This will make the listener feel more involved and invested; a personal conversation feels more engaging than being spoken to as a part of a crowd. What sounds more engaging and interesting to you; a conversation on your choice topic with a knowledgeable friend or listening to a monotonous documentary on the same topic?   

This frame of mind will also help with another important tip: don’t rush through your information. When you’re talking to a friend, you’re not rushing though it like you might a book report. You utilize pauses to let an idea sink you, you use inflection and pitch to make a point and you inject your personality into the dialogue. 

When you imagine yourself talking to a friend, your personality will naturally begin to leak through and that’s exactly what you want. 

All this to say, you are the most important aspect of your podcast; use that fact to your advantage.

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