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30 Jun 2021

Why You Should Get Very Specific on a Niche When Starting Out

“Let me make an episode about this! Or this! There’s so much to talk about when it comes to this!”

In the world of the internet, there’s already information on most anything. But as we’ve discussed in a previous post, what sets your content apart from the rest is you. While this is great for building a loyal audience and making your brand unique, it can also be difficult to gain that audience if you’re not getting specific about topics in your industry.

There may be a plethora of different topics you can discuss in your field or genre. For example, when it comes to building wealth, you can talk about real estate investing, investing in securities, making passive income, and so on. There is a wide variety of branches within that direction to take. But when I talk about getting specific, I mean getting really microscopic.

Oftentimes, if you make your content too vague when you don’t already have a foothold in a platform’s algorithm, you’ll get drowned out by the competitors. If you find the growth of your audience staying stagnant, this may be a reason. There are big, established content creators who are likely to already have broad topics covered within the algorithm of your platform, so what you need to do early on in the podcasting (or really any form of content creation) is focus on small topics.

Is there something specific that really grinds your gears? Talk about that!

Maybe there’s a minor (but annoying) problem that you’ve figured out a solution to? Talk about that!

Squeeze your way in by creating very targeted pieces of content. Once you grow in size, diversifying your content may bring in new listeners. But if you do that too soon, it may be difficult to squeeze your way into the room.

Here’s an exercise you can do:

Imagine there is just one person in the room with you and he or she is curious about what you do. Make your content as if you’re directing it to that one person. If you cast your net too wide, it distracts from the detail of the conversation you need to provide. Focus on that one imaginary perfect listener and provide the quality content that he or she is looking for.

This is why interview episodes can be great because it’s a one-on-one conversation which can get specific. A good host is asking open ended questions that leads to specific answers. We actually have a podcast episode out on just that - The Art of Interviewing - so you can watch that now! Link to the video:

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